The Scrubbing Unleashed

by on September 18, 2010

Well, since I canceled our 3pm photos today I decided. Let’s clean the kids bedroom. And when I say clean I mean, remove everything out of their room other then the beds and bedding supplies. Well little to my knowledge, these two demonic beings have made a massive mess in their bedrooms and hid it underneath blankets on their floor.

So. Let the scrubbing commence. Mopping, sponging, wiping, cleaning. Ah how I hate all thee. I hate messes, yet there is always messes in my house. Having 2 toddlers SUCKS on the cleaning aspect of things. Between the amount of hours I work, plus the amount of hours I spend cleaning, I am doing at least 100 hours a week of cleaning/working.

Now, I’ve taken a break from the scrubbing, but I will be going back in there. Round 2, ensuring everything is in tip top shape. Will the kids drive me insane in process. Oh hell ya they will. Anytime I attempt to do something that they don’t want to, they bug me NONE stop. I swear they want their lives to end early. Mommy has no patience for annoying, ankle biting beings so GO AWAY and play with your damn toys. You know, those things that you make huge messes with. Awesome! Thanks.

Well, enjoy my freak out of the afternoon. Back to the unwanted, annoying scrubbing. Ah!

Mental Meltdown – Yogurt Painting

by on September 18, 2010

This morning kids and I woke up, but the wakeup didn’t last. Mommy was exhausted and fell back to sleep once kids were situated with their morning cartoons and breakfast. Little to my knowledge, my little “princess” decided she wanted yogurt and got all of it on her own. Literally ALL of it. But did she eat it all? Of course not. She painted.

Awesome! Mommy is cleaning up yogurt. Honestly though, this isn’t the worst they’ve painted with.

My window’s were covered in beautiful paintings of yogurt, but I wasn’t so pleased as you’d think. When you put yogurt onto windows it doesn’t come off as easily as you’d think. Thankfully I had stashed away some cleaning wipes to get this crap off of my windows and table.

In the end, a mess first thing in the morning is the worst thing that my little demons can do. Mommy isn’t the best morning person when she has to wake up and clean right away. So now my little “princess” is in trouble ALL DAY. She best behave or Mommy is going to not be a very pleasant Mommy.

Enjoy my morning mental meltdown, trust me there are going to be more today! We got pictures at 3.

Mental Tentacle Moment #1 – Idiot Postal Workers

September 18, 2010

So let’s begin with the very first, Mental Tentacle Moment! Idiot Postal Workers Today I was going to ship off my Passport to finally get it done. Exciting?! Ya that was the highlight of my day. Shut it. Well, off we go to the post office. Well don’t I luck out with the most idiotic […]

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Are You Mental Enough for Mental Tentacle?

September 18, 2010

Alright, Let’s get this bad boy going. Welcome to the mental lands of Mental Tentacle. This is our hot spot for full out freak outs, mental meltdowns, and all the things in between that just drive us mad! Beware, crude content will follow and we aren’t going to hold back. Each day is a mental […]

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